Tuesday, December 13, 2011

'Tis the season...

So that means stitching takes a back seat right now! I do have some progress to update you on. I finished the stitching on the acorn ruler from Milady’s Needle. It will go into my little pile of things that need final finishing and wait until I have one of those “finishing frenzy” moments. There are several other pieces that go along with it, like a scissor fob and scissor holder, so I’ll likely do those up before finishing the set at the same time.
I have started a big project. It’s the Mary Wigham sampler. I recently joined the Sampler World group on Facebook. It’s basically a group of people who enjoy samplers. The group decided we would do a SAL (Stitch A-Long) in 2012 and that was the pattern we selected. I have finished the first motif. I am doing it on 25 ct Mushroom Lugana, one over one, using Steamed Broccoli by Crescent Colours. It will end up being roughly 12 x 12.
We found the pattern on a great blog site called Needleprint. If you enjoy historical stitching, you will love this site! The Mary Wigham sampler is a free download, although they do ask you donate a dollar a page to help support the conservation efforts of the Ackworth School embroideries. She also has a number of patterns in her online shop available to purchase and download.

Another group effort I will participate in is the WIP It Into Shape 2012 Challenge. Each participant decides which unfinished projects she would like to work on and complete next year. You create a photo album of those projects so the other members can encourage (or prod!) you in those efforts. I selected five main projects so will hopefully be able to get them all finished before the year is out.

For now, I need to get back to doing a design for my EGA Master Craftsman sampler. I have a variety of books and articles I borrowed from various libraries so I can do a little research on the motifs before I make any final decisions about what to use in my design.

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