Saturday, December 31, 2011

A New Year...

...well, almost! Each year I think about whether I should make any resolutions. Some years I do, while others years I skip it. This year I decided to work on getting some of my UFOs (WIPs) done. I also decided I should be very careful about acquiring more patterns and ideas as I can truly only live so long and will never be able to finish what I currently own. I realize this "being careful about acquiring" is a very silly idea, especially when we will be spending January in Mesa, Arizona, home of the Attic Needlework shop!

If you love samplers, you will love this shop. Once I am there I will take some photos and do a nice review of the shop, but for now you might want to check out their newsletter. The current issue has a nice retrospective of Darlene O'Steen's work. Darlene will be retiring from the stitching world for health reasons.

But back to those resolutions! I do have 5 stitching projects I want to finish this year. One is the SAL I am doing with the Sampler World group on Facebook. The other four are pieces I have had for awhile and just need to get done.

I also have several quilting projects I need to work on. We'll see how much progress I make in the coming months. (See the paragraph about acquiring!)

One thing I just acquired is a new app from the same fellow who did the floss apps I reviewed in April 2011. This app is for Crescent Colours. It works much the same as the others and is for the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad. Same price- $1.99- and very handy for keeping track of what you do and do not have on hand. 

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