Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Snow Day!

Yes, we finally got one of these storms that keep missing us. We need the moisture but I do wish it hadn’t come on the morning of our EGA chapter meeting. I'm sad the meeting had to be cancelled but that gave me extra time to work on a few things.

First I will share the promised photos of the card table cottage I made for my granddaughter’s birthday. It is a little wrinkly but you get the basic idea.

Isn’t it adorable? There is a barn version that I suspect I will sew for her brother’s birthday this summer.

I also made this cute owl apron for her.

Today I am doing some pre-work for one of my classes I will take at the Nordic Needle Retreat in April. It is a pulled/drawn thread class. I am almost finished with it and then will move on to start the Schwalm group correspondence course a number of us just started. I also need to do the finish work on a stitching small for an exchange with the Facebook group, Sampler World. Photos will follow once the recipient has seen it!

I’ll leave you with a freebie I found while doing a little research on blackwork. It is a book that is full of blackwork patterns and is available here on Mary Corbet’s website.

Now, off to enjoy more of my snow day!