Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve has been a very interesting day for us, at least for the last 30 years. You see, our first child was born on Christmas Eve. We have always tried to make sure his birthday was celebrated just as we would celebrate anyone else’s birthday so, like I said, it has always been an interesting day in our family. This year he is busy with activities at his church so his birthday celebration was yesterday. That was the first time in 30 years his birthday lunch didn’t happen on his birthday!

But, back to all things stitchy! I have made a little more progress on my Mary Wigham sampler. I’m using a frame to work it, which I very rarely do. It does make those one over one stitches a little easier to do. I find that I’m really enjoying recreating this sampler. I have never done a sampler in monochrome before and I do like the way it is turning out. The subtle changes in color are really quite pretty.
As it is Christmas Eve my thoughts are turning to angels. I was looking through my many PDF files and came across a series of angels from Marilyn Leavitt-Imblum. You may recognize her from the series of huge angels she did under the Lavender & Lace name. I did one of those angels and have several of her other charts but haven’t yet attempted them. 
The series I found in my computer files are smaller in size and are perfect for ornaments. They can be found for free here. There are twenty of them. Some are long figures while others are square in shape and are just the angel heads. I think they would make a nice little ornament collection. Now that I am looking at them again I think I will try to do one a year for my granddaughter.

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