Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Conversion Charts and Freebies

I have pulled together a number of conversion charts for everything from DMC to Anchor to Weeks to Valdani to silks and more. There are even charts converting DMC to Mill Hill and Delica beads! They are all either PDF or Word documents. I posted them on my EGA chapter's website. Just scroll down a little on the page and download the files you would like to use.

I know Flag Day has passed us by but Independence Day is coming up and wouldn't it be fun to stitch something a little patriotic? I have that huge flag I started in May. That will take me awhile to finish, but these patriotic Quaker style hearts are fun and quick to stitch.

I am still working on the model. I am very close to being finished with it and think I should be done by the end of this weekend!

While doing Grandma Day Care two weeks ago I dropped, and broke, my camera. I now have a new one and will hopefully post photos of a few things for you next time.


  1. I have been unable to locate your conversion charts. Can you give me some help?

  2. The page for the charts has changed. Try this: