Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Touch of Winter

Now that it is March we are finally getting a little taste of winter! We had a big storm roll through dumping, depending upon where you live in the state, anywhere from lots of rain and slush to a foot of snow. In our neck of the woods we had about 7.5 inches of the white stuff, but not before we had several hours of rain, sleet and slush.

I suppose then it was quite appropriate for me to finally get a winter cold. I have been battling it for the last week or so. I am usually able to take my Cold-Eze when I feel one coming on and avoid it altogether, but this one got away from me. I am finally starting to feel somewhat human again and realizing just how much I haven’t accomplished in the last week!

I did manage to get just a bit more stitched on my Mary Wigham sampler before the cold struck.

As I started to feel well enough to focus on stitching, but not clear headed enough for that one over one sampler, I worked on one of the outreach projects our EGA chapter is currently doing. I stitched up four Soldier Kissing Pillows. I still need to sew and stuff them. You can read the story here, but be aware that if you want more info they don’t seem to answer their emails on any kind of a regular basis.

I also decided it was about time to prewash all of the fabrics I purchased to make a quilt for the grandbaby to be. Because the baby will come to us through adoption we have no idea how much notice we’ll have of the arrival. I love the fabrics and realize I purchased way more than I need, but this way I will have some options to play around with.

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