Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Stitching progress!

So, I am finally back to working on my projects! I’ve been finishing up a number of project keepers for the region meeting in October. Some I’ve done from start to finish and others come to me almost complete and I cover a tube with batting and attach them.

I made two embroidered towels for our Meet and Greet night at the region meeting. I gave up on the strawberry design I started. It was way too detailed for this purpose. These designs are very simple and stitch up quickly. I have a third design ready to stitch that will wait until after I finish up my two correspondence courses.
I’ve been getting some work done on the Dresden Garden piece. Some of the stitches are a bit challenging, especially when you need to work compensation stitches around those curved edges. I have to admit that I did the frog stitch (rip-it, rip-it) on more than one occasion. I am pleased with the way it looks so far, but still have no clue what I will do with it when it is complete. (Don't mind the shadows in these photos. I couldn't seem to get myself positioned correctly with the overhead lighting.)
I have been working on a project from Milady’s Needle. It is a ruler holder. There are other pieces you can make that compliment it, like a scissor fob and needle book. I pick it up and stitch on it when my eyes can no longer take looking at that high count Dresden Garden fabric.
Now, don't think I've made all of this progress in just the last week! I've been working a few minutes at a time on them and it all adds up. Several years ago I was in an online group that had the goal of finishing up all of those UFOs we all seem to have. The group suggested  a goal of stitching one length (12-18 inches) of floss/thread a day. You won't see much progress day by day, but over time those inches add up to a finished piece.

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