Tuesday, September 13, 2011

San Francisco: Part Two

This has been a busy week! My folks and my daughter and her husband have been in town. We've spent a lot of time visiting with the (great) grandchildren so I haven't accomplished much stitching.

I'll give you the last bit on my trip to San Francsico and then I'll be back next week with more stitching updates.

I had a little time between sessions one day and stopped at a small museum in downtown San Francisco called the Museum of Craft and Folk Art. It was located just steps from our hotel on Yerba Buena. It has limited hours being open only Wednesday through Sunday. There is a small gift shop at the museum that you can visit without paying the $5 entrance fee.

Getting into the museum, which was really more of a one room gallery, was a little challenging as the three young ladies behind the counter were more interested in chatting amongst themselves instead of greeting the people entering the shop/gallery. But, I did manage to get their attention, pay my fee and enter the small room. 

The display was Korean Textiles Now. It was a nice display and would have been much more informative if the young ladies had told me there was a printed gallery guide describing each piece.There were no signs saying otherwise, so I took several photos.

These first three photos give you a good sense of the room and the textiles displayed.

This piece below was absolutely covered with hand stitching.

The squares in this piece are small and you can see the fine hand embroidery 
done in the center of several of them.

The gift shop was small and had a few unique pieces. I didn't buy anything but will visit the shop again the next time we are in San Francisco.

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