Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Slow and Steady

This was another busy week. Had a great time with our daughter who was here for a long weekend to visit her niece. Even with the trip to The Mall, Como and the train museum I found time to do a little stitching.

Grandbaby number two is due to arrive in just over a month so I’ve been back to work on the baby quilt. I have almost half of the background stitching finished.

I’ve also finished the first lesson for our Dresden Garden group correspondence course. This lesson focused on doing a padded satin stitch in the center of the flowers and a reverse herringbone stitch on the edges of the stems.

You can see the three steps to the satin stitch in the photo. Step one is the outline in a split stitch. Next is a base stitch done inside the outline. Last is the satin stitch done over the first two types of stitches.

The reverse herringbone looks like a backstitch on the top side of the fabric, but underneath the stitches criss cross one another creating a shadow when viewed from the front.

Our group meets this weekend. The next lesson leads us through a variety of filling stitches in the flower petals. More photos when I finish that lesson!

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  1. Your work and projects are so impressive. I only wish I was as efficient as you! If you are ever looking for extra projects (ha ha) I know where you could find some! :) And I'm only partially kidding ...