Friday, January 4, 2013

A confession...

It's a new year and so I must start it right and make a confession. I have a new addiction. It's called Crafsty.

I discovered this wonder of online lessons right around Thanksgiving while reading a blog for a local quilt shop. Craftsy was having a big sale on their classes that weekend so I succumbed and registered for one on making lace shawls. Now I'm hooked!

So, what exactly is Crafsty? Well, it is a resource for online classes in quilting, sewing, knitting, crocheting, food arts, weaving, gardening, etc. They have several free classes for you to try out, including a year long Block of the Month quilting class. You can also pay for classes.

When you pay for a class you get forever access to the online streaming lessons. You can pause, review, skip ahead, watch multiple times... you get the idea. What I love about the paid classes are the special features. As you are watching each lesson there are questions that scroll on the page. These are from other students. If you click on those questions you can see the answers. If you have a question, just post it and the instructor, or maybe even another student, will respond.

The part I really love is that you can "bookmark" the videos. The first class I signed up for was on knitting lace shawls. Some of the stitches are a little involved so as I'm watching I click on a Take Note button and type in whatever I want, like maybe the name of that stitch. Later on when I need to review the stitch, I just go to my list of notes, click on the stitch name and Voila! I am taken right to that part of the video! Isn't that awesome??

Each class also comes with materials that you can download and print as needed. Things like material lists and patterns.

I have now signed up for several paid and as well as free classes. They are always adding new courses so there is always something there to peak my interest.

Craftsy has sales quite frequently. To find out about their sales you can join their email list or, better yet, Like them on Facebook. I signed up for a class that was a Facebook special for an amazingly low price.

So, there you have it. A confession and an addiction that I hope no one develops a twelve step program for!

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