Sunday, September 9, 2012

Secret Stitcher Exchange

I have mentioned in earlier posts that I belong to the Sampler World group on Facebook. It is a fun group of stitchers who not only share the pieces they are working on, but also help one another with stitching questions and they even do a little shopping enabling!

We just had a stitching exchange. The rules were simple: stitch a small needlework item, like a scissor fob, needle case, etc., and mail it in early September. We sent our names to the organizer who "secretly" matched us up with another stitcher.

My special gift arrived in yesterday's mail. It is a darling pinkeep that was packaged in this handmade paper box.

The pinkeep has lovely ruched ribbon on the sides and in the photos you can see it came complete with pretty little pins!

Most of us in the group don't know one another because we come from all over the country, and the world for that matter! I happen to know my stitcher, which makes it doubly fun. Her name is Linda and she is a very accomplished stitcher and designer. We "knew" each other through the Sampler World group and then had the chance to meet in person when I was in Arizona for the month of January. Linda is one of the helpful ladies from The Attic in Mesa, Arizona. I had fun chatting with her on my many visits to the shop that month. How lucky to now have a piece that she stitched just for me!

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