Sunday, February 12, 2012

Pirates and progress...

It has been a busy week! My biggest project was sewing a pirate outfit for my granddaughter’s dress up box, a gift for her birthday. I did finish it in time for her party yesterday. She’s modeling it here. Arrrgh!

I had a little trouble getting her to keep her pirate scarf on her head and her bloomers need to have the elastic shortened so they don’t drop to her ankles, but it did turn out cute (if I am allowed to say such a thing about my own project!). Now that I know this size works I’ll make a few other outfits to add to the dress up collection.

I have made some progress on my Mary Wigham sampler. You may remember that I’m doing this on a 25 count, one over one, in Crescent Colours Steamed Broccoli. I really like the subtle color changes. If you aren’t already a member of Sampler World on Facebook you may want to join. You’ll be able to see the progress of those who are participating in this SAL (stitch along). It isn’t too late to join the SAL!

I’ve also done a small part on my Dames of the Needle project. The roof was interesting to work. It is a double running stitch. The backside shows the double running stitch and the front side gives you this nice dimensional look and feel. I tried to take a photo so you could see what this looks like.

For some reason I had an issue with the windows of the house. I took out the top row of windows THREE times! I kept miscounting by one stitch. I have no idea why. I finally set it aside for several days and went back to stitch those windows for the 4th time and was able to count correctly and make them fit the outline of the house, as they should.

When I’m not stitching I love to volunteer at a variety of places in my community. Right now I am wishing my community was a little bit closer to the Royal School of Needlework! They are currently seeking volunteers for their studio tours. Wouldn’t that be a dream job??!! Or better yet, what about being a student there? Maybe someday…

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