Thursday, November 24, 2011

Stitching Updates

Well, you know I was at a stitching retreat earlier this month and you may be wondering if I did any stitching, or if I just went shopping for more things to stitch. I did indeed work on several projects. Once home, I even finished one!

This is a photo of the Christmas ornament I finished for our guild’s Secret Stitcher exchange. The design is from the Just Cross Stitch Ornaments 2010 issue. It was shown as a flat design, but I like it as a biscournu. You can find a good piece on making a biscournu here. Any square design you may have will work.
I have also continued to make some progress on the ruler holder I showed you several weeks ago.  I am getting close to finishing it.
The rooms in our house are decorated in themes. The front room we refer to as our Victorian room. It has repro Victorian furniture and is a nice, quiet room in the house. I am decorating it (slowly!) in what I refer to as Victorian nautical. I have mostly Victorian style things in there, but have also pulled in a few nautical type pieces.

We have a long wall in this room that currently has nothing on it. I decided to do a variety of samplers for this wall and to bring in that nautical piece within those samplers when I could. My first sampler was purchased from The Scarlett Letter and was started several years ago. I am finally back to working on it. It isn’t at all nautical. 
Another piece I am also working on is nautical, however, and is a design from Dames of the Needle. My plan is to keep working on them until they are finished and I can get them framed. I do have several other patterns I have purchased that will also go on that wall. Perhaps by the time we are ready to downsize to a smaller home I will have them all finished!
One more project I have started is a very pretty poinsettia pin we did as the monthly program for our guild, the St. Paul Needleworkers. I haven't made a lot of progress, but trust me, the pin is quite lovely.

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