Monday, August 1, 2011

Ta da!

I have finished the baby quilt and Ryan loves it! You can see him here relaxing away on it.

I am now working on embroidering some towels we will be using for our regional meeting in October. We are having a Meet and Greet one night and the theme will be Minnesota Hot Dish. With a theme like that the décor HAS to involve embroidered kitchen towels! Each member of our group was given a plain towel to embroider with a design of their choice. We’ll use them for the evening and then return them to the member who made them. I had a few heavier towels with color stripes so decided to use those. I have a very small collection of Aunt Martha’s transfers and selected a few with fruit themes. I ironed on the transfers, which can be used several times before they lose their ink, and set to work. Once started, however, I realized the designs were a little more intricate than I really wanted to work on for this particular project. You can see the beginnings of the strawberry design below.

I haven’t decided what I will do yet. I may continue with these designs or I may choose a couple of designs that aren't so involved and use them on the plain white towels I have.

I still need to finish my Dresden Garden and I have another EGA correspondence course to complete. There are just not enough hours in the day!

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