Friday, May 13, 2011

Organizing and Another Finish

Well, my new storage containers arrived and, as predicted, I was slightly distracted as I took everything out of my old storage units and reorganized. I was delayed in the process because we had an evening of constant sirens blaring and weather radio alarms sounding. The temp hit 88 and we had a number of storms- hail, rain, tornadoes- go through. We were sitting right inbetween two lines of the storm and ended up with nothing but some really interesting views of the clouds to the north and the south of us. I did finally get everything where I wanted, for now, and like the little bit of extra room I have to add more projects, books and fabric.

I had several Art Bin containers and purchased several more at JoAnn’s, either on sale or with my coupon. I then ordered a number of the odd sized ones online at 50% off plus free shipping. They stack easily but I also wanted them to be able to roll. I looked for dollies at the home improvement places and office supply stores, but couldn’t find something that was affordable, the right size, etc. I finally went to Target and looked in their storage area. I found what is meant to be the base of a small shelving unit. It has four wheels and the Art Bin units fit almost perfectly on top. The base has four little “pegs” where the shelving unit is meant to snap on, so I just set my containers on top of those four little pegs. It isn’t perfect, but they seem to roll around without any trouble and the weight doesn’t seem to be a problem. I labeled each container and have them stacked and stored by craft, so, for instance, all of my scrapbook things are stacked together on one of those rolling bases.

As soon as our warnings ended and we were able to move about freely, I spent the rest of that evening finishing up this scissor fob and keeper set. This was from one of our St. Paul Needleworkers programs we did in March of 2010. It was one of the Petite Projects put out by the EGA and provided to member chapters. This was an introduction in Assisi work- the keeper, not the fob- and was followed up in the fall with a program in finishing. The member who taught the finishing portion wins awards at the state fair every year, in large part because of her excellent finishing skills. Her kit for us included three different curved needles. They made sewing the scissor keeper a lot easier than using a traditional straight needle. I should have trimmed my contrast inside lining piece a little smaller. As you can see by the close up the lining is a little visible.

I am hither and yon every day for the next 8 or 9 days, so we’ll see how much stitching I can accomplish!

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