Monday, June 1, 2015

Two new starts...

You may remember that I was planning a seminar for our Heartland Region EGA. The event was held in April and was enjoyed by all who attended!

While there I took two classes, each with a teacher I hadn't learned from before.

The first two days I was in a stumpwork class called Black Magic. The end project is a little black purse. I'm not certain how I will finish it. I may do it as a purse, but I may add a few bits to it and frame it instead. We'll see when I get there!

This is the limited progress I made during those two days. I missed a bit of class because of my duties with the seminar, but Celeste is an excellent teacher and I was able to work almost everything on a doodle cloth so really didn't miss any of the stitch instruction. I did miss the purse assembly but have two other local friends who will help me with that part.

You can read more about Celeste Chalasani at this link.

The other piece I started is called Jasper and was designed by Toni Gerdes. I just fell in love with the colors that she based upon pieces of jasper stones. Included in our kits was a little bag full of these stones, complete with holes for stitching, that we can add as we like to our finished work.

I was able to spend more time in this class than in Celeste's class so made a little more progress. She used an interesting variety of thread in the piece, including one that is soy based. We started a number of stitches during class so that is why you see all of the spaghetti on the project.

You can read more about Toni Gerdes at this link.

For now, I am very close to finishing a project I started several years ago.More later!

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